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   Oh, goody. Just what every sister loves imagining; her brother going to bars to pick up women. I hope it doesn't get much more detailed than what was described in today's pages, but it probably will. I'll just have to remember not to eat breakfast before editing tomorrow's pages, just in case the outing he describes ends up being "successful" and his character winds up bringing a woman home. Are there waterproof keyboard covers? Because if I have to edit descriptions of "intimate" stuff, I may just throw up on my computer.
   He was always obsessed with women. From such an early age, too. When he was nine years old, he got in trouble for singing out of his bedroom window to the girl who lived across the street. "Girly, girly, out my window," the song went. I don't remember the poor girl's name, but her mother was not pleased, marched over to our house, and demanded my mother make him stop. When it became clear that things were not going to progress any further with the neighbor girl, he moved on to an adorable girl in his class, Alicia. Her name I remember, because he went on his very first date with her and it was all he talked about for weeks. I never met her, but I know she had "beautiful blonde hair and eyes that were kinda green, but sometimes kinda blue." After laying what I'm sure was some pretty charming groundwork (songs, jokes, a paper Valentine with Hersey Kisses taped to it), he asked her out to the movies. While I suggested he take her to see Twister, which I saw several times at the IMAX and was convinced changed my life's path (being a veterinarian was out, tornado chaser was now my destiny), he stayed true to himself and took her to see...

  You'd have to ask my mother how the date went, as she is the one who chaperoned this romantic evening and sat a few rows behind them in the theater. However, I don't remember them going out again. I mean, who could blame her? Kazaam? But that was the thing about Alex. Like him or not, he never hid who he was. If you didn't like embarrassing displays of admiration and professional basketball players turned rapping genies, he'd find somebody who did.

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  1. CJ and I always says that line that Bill says about the twister "showing its ugly head around that corner" when we talk about hills when we run lol!




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