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   I'm feeling quiet and tired today, despite going to bed at 9:30 on a Friday night (this is 32).
On the days I don't feel like writing, I think I'll share something else Alex wrote instead. I'm also going to be taking Sundays off from this project. Sundays are the days I go to the Church of the Long Run, and the Long Run doctrine emphasizes shutting one's brain off for two to three hours then eating all the barbecue my tired body can handle. I need this day, this oh-so-holy day, for my sanity. Alex cared very little for my sanity, as he proved the time he stole my Chumbawumba CD and played Tubthumping on repeat so many times that I barged into his room, ripped the thing from his stereo, and broke my own CD in half so I didn't have to listen to that goddamn song another minute of my life. But in order to see this project through, I think I'm going to need one day a week where I get to act like prehistoric (wo)man. Run. Eat. Sleep. Watch Game of Thrones. You know, what the cave people did.
   Below are some "life guidelines" he wrote. His friend Ryan read them at his memorial, which was really thoughtful and appropriate and very much needed. I found a copy in his big file folder, so I thought'd share. Have a good weekend, homo sapiens.

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