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   One of my favorite people to listen to is author, pundit, and advice columnist Dan Savage. Every Tuesday a new episode of his podcast, Savage Love, is released, and I listen to it during my daily run. People often call in asking for advice concerning a parent or grown child's sex life. For example, it could be something like, "Hey Dan. My parents just got divorced and my father told me he'd like to try swinging and asked me how to go out it. What do I tell him? Also, gross!" In situations like these, Dan usually provides the caller with a few different ways they can help their loved one, but then will emphasize that this is not said caller's job to be doing this in the first place. "There are some things you have a right not to know," he says. He credits this line to his mother, who, while was supportive of Dan after he came out, also didn't want every juicy detail of her son's latest conquests. I thought of this while I was editing today's more graphic sex scene, and it made me laugh. As his sister, I do feel like I have a right not to know these things, but as his editor, it is my job to know these things. On the other hand (just pretend I have three hands), I am the oldest, and therefore it is also my job to know everything then use it to lord over the rest of my siblings like the family demigod I am.
   Anyway, today's pages didn't result in much more of the story, but I still liked the way Part 3 ended up. I didn't add anything of my own (I haven't been doing that and do not plan to, by the way), but used what he provided and moved some things around in a way I thought still got his initial point across. The point being, "Alan" got laid. Just in case you missed it.

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