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   I have to say that I'm already digging my new morning routine. I take the dog out, feed the crying kitties, make coffee, then do this. It's taken some of the guess-work out of my day, which is always appreciated. Today's pages did require a bit more brain power in terms of editing, however. At first I worried I may feel bad for making small changes I can't consult him about. I don't know if it's the older sister in me or the former copywriter, but I'm finding great satisfaction in correcting his work. Once again I find myself talking to him in my head. "Dude, these sentences are like, Henry James long. Break them up, man." I imagine him agreeing with me just to move this process along. No matter. I'm still right, and even though he is dead, I still enjoy winning the argument. Is that gross or kind of endearing? Probably gross. Oh god. I'm such an oldest sibling. Barf.

   I deliberated about whether to share his book a little at a time, like Dickens' Great Expectations, or to drop it all at once, like Beyoncé's Lemonade. Because we're obviously on the same level; me, Charles Dickens, and Beyoncé.

Since technology has shortened our attention to nanoseconds, I decided pieces were the way to go. It'll be more like a podcast/radio show this way, which not only appeals to my nerdom, but helps provide some guidance for how to structure this thing. I've never edited a dead brother's book before, after all. To say I have no idea what I'm doing is a massive understatement. I have few to no ideas/rational thoughts/whispers of reason these days.

Despite that, here is how I think this will work best. Each day I'll be uploading the small bits I've typed and edited into the chapter links on the right side of this page. His chapters seem pretty long, but if you scroll down, you should find the new stuff. His chapters are also divided into parts, which should help you find the place you left off. When I finish chapter 1, I'll create a new page for chapter 2, and so on. For my visual learning friends, see below.

Now, for a bit of a disclaimer...

   Those of you who knew Alex knew he was into some shady stuff. I mean, you don't wind up in prison several times for rescuing kittens or feeding the homeless. If subjects like prison culture and drug use described with the occasional swear word bother you, you probably should not read his book. So far he seems to be writing about what he knows, and what he knew was the underbelly of society. Like it or not, that's the reality. So, as my favorite radio host and number 6 on my celebrity crush list says, "Stay with us."

(I will try to come up with my own catchy hook, but in the meantime, thank you, Ira Glass.)

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  1. What a beautiful, awesome project!!! Keep it up lady!! Looking forward to reading about your journey!




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